Zinc Phosphate

Our Zinc Phosphate extends the life span of durable metallic goods, thus contributing to restraining the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.  The Phosphate ions act as anodic corrosion-inhibitors by phosphating the steel and rendering it passive. The Zinc ions act as cathodic corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion protection is also important to prevent loss of adhesion (blistering) between the paint and metal surface. We are offering this range of ZincPhosphate to our clients that is excessively used as major ingredient in the making of paints emulsions. Our range of this chemical is completely pure and in its natural form.

Basically Zinc Phosphate is an anti rust pigment, and this property of it helps enhance the rust resistance of the paint. A coating of this chemical immersed with primers and undercoats provides best protection to metal surfaces prone to rusting. The inclusion of zinc phosphate is done in many kind of paint formulations and is also used in fertilizers as it is highly water-soluble. The zinc phosphate chemical offered by us is an anti-rust pigment. White in color, our offered zinc phosphate is non-toxic and shows better effectiveness & water-resistance, compared to other conventional anti-rust pigments.

  • Applications

    Corrosion resisting primers
    Phenolic paint
    Epoxy paint
    Acrylic paint
    Paste paint
    Manufacturing of zinc rich paint formulations
    Manufacturing of fertilizers

  • Features

    Acid-resistant or corrosion preventive
    Spray Dry

  • Packing

    HDPE bag with LDPE liner in 20 kg, 25kg, 40kg and 50 kg as per customer's request.